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About Us

Auro Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd brings the innovations at your fingertips. We have been assisting our customers with modern plant health solutions, we can  increase the productivity. In order to produce better, plant health is the key which is known by nutrient management. A perfecrt amount if macronutirients are essential for success,  but over application can be just as detrimental as a deficiency. Attending the correct balance is the main point of nutrient measurement. This is where Auro's range of agricultural products can change your productivity. We are recommended and authorized distributor for Spectrum Technologies, Inc. USA in India. The company's technology is focused on four main product groups. They include:

Weather Monitoring

Take monitoring one step further by adding an IPM disease and insect package. Our monitoring includes numerous sensors which are utilized to measure key parameters such as soil moisture, light, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction and to calculate evapotranspiration rates, degree days. Our other metrics are used to grow and manage healthy crops.
For monitoring site-specific areas and manage microclimates stations, mini stations, micro stations, and sprayer stations are used. All environmental data is logged at user-defined intervals for tracking trends over time and reporting capabilities. WatchDog stations can be customize as per clients requirements. 
 Also, at-a-glance monitoring to help growers make informed decisions. Use  additional parameters such as leaf wetness to determine when the conditions are right for a particular disease.

Nutrient Management

All crops requires proper nutrient level to maintain their quality and maximum economic yield. To achieve this, some measurements can be made quickly and accurately with in-field handheld meters such as NO3-, Na+, K+, Ca2+, chlorophyll, pH and EC. These measures used to monitor nutrients in the soil and plants. Also, these measures immediately analyze soil or plant tissues as well.Our nutrient management increase profits with well timed fertilizer applications that produce a higher quality crop.

Pest and Disease Management

Pests and diseases can reduce plants and yield quality. Protect your plants by submitting environmental conditions to disease and insect models. These models forecast disease and insect pressure using field-tested and validated algorithms. Our Pest and Disease Management used a range of biologicial, chemical and physical control methods to improve plant health.

Soil and Water Management

Plant growth is depends on strong root system. Due to its proper nutritious levels, plants need adequete amount of air and water in the soil to develop a strong root system. We check the soil strength by measuring compaction levels at multiple depths.  Monitor soil moisture over time with in-ground sensors and in multiple locations with portable soil moisture meters. Utilize compaction and soil moisture data to make informed management decisions.

Our esteemed customers value us for:

Consultation: We serve as partners with our customers to understand their needs and provide customized solutions

Quality: We provide the best in class equipment sourced from well known International brands like Decagon Devices, NovaLynx, Spectrum, Onset etc.

Customer Service: We provide installation services & post installation technical guidelines / technical training.

Competitive Prices: We provide the most reasonable prices for the highest quality equipment

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